Beachy times

Last batch from the Maine beach set… These all have one thing in common: a rather minimalist approach. I like that for beach shots – makes the scenery look calm, peaceful and serene, as if the beach was all yours. A bit of a dream, considering how crowded it actually is throughout most of the day.


[click for a larger view]


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About NancyShoots

Graphic designer and natural-light photographer. Lover art, animals, heavy metal, bright colours and geometric shapes.

5 responses to “Beachy times”

  1. ashinbleu says :

    lovely photos! Found your blog post on the poe team thread…love checking out other wordpressers :D

    Have a great week!

  2. Mary Royers says :

    Lovely photos. My favorite has to be the one with the shell in the foreground. It’s so dreamy it seems like a painting, but sharp on detail. Very neat :)

  3. liduvina says :

    So lovely beach shots! I want it to be summer around here.
    Have a great day!

  4. trinabaker says :

    Love these! So serene and thoughtful.

  5. Vincent says :

    Very, very nice!

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