A day at the fair to end the summer

“Expo Quebec” is Quebec City’s big 10-day-long fair, during which there are games, rides, animal judging, various shows, sand sculptures, concerts and probably other things I’m forgetting. It happens each year around mid/late August. This year was its 100th anniversary and I went for the first time, mainly because Twisted Sister were performing… I spent the afternoon there and took the opportunity to play a few games (it had been a long time since I’d done that) and snap a few whimsical photos. Some were taken with a Lensbaby to test it out, others with a regular lens.

The Lensbaby worked quite well for these photos (especially for the pirate boat and skee-ball game), but I’m not sure I’d use it for everyday photography…

On to the photos:

Prizes. I’m a pro at those water gun games, so I won us an orange dragon and a monkey with a banana on its head. Not that we needed more plush toys around the house. Also, Skee-Ball should be renamed Impossi-Ball. Because that’s what it is.

The ferris wheel at various times throughout the day.

And some of the other rides… Can anyone tell me why those carousel horses have to look so angry?

[click to enlarge photos]


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Graphic designer and natural-light photographer. Lover art, animals, heavy metal, bright colours and geometric shapes.

6 responses to “A day at the fair to end the summer”

  1. ashinbleu says :

    They do look angry! I wonder if they are supposed to look like they are running…have you ever taken photos of runners? They can look quite angry sometimes :D Haha! Great post and thanks a ton for stopping by my blog!


    • NancyShoots says :

      Yeah I assumed they’re supposed to look like they are running too, but I remember finding them kind of scary looking when I was little… Then again, I was a weird kid – carousel horses scared me and Freddy Kruger didn’t. Go figure!

  2. Julie says :

    Very cool shots. Personally, clowns terrified me as a kid. And throw a clown on a carousel horse, and it would be all over. Actually, I’ve been very curious about the Lensbaby, and what model to get.
    What model do you have?

    • NancyShoots says :

      Oh jeez, clowns… Have you ever seen Killer Klowns from Outer Space? Freaked me out when I was little.

      I got the Lensbaby Composer Pro with the Sweet 35 optic, which allows you to change the aperture just by twisting it, instead of fumbling around with a magnet to change those little rings. I had fun testing it at the fair, but for the price I decided it wasn’t really worth it, so I took it back and will be getting the 50mm 1.4 prime instead.

      • Julie says :

        Killer Klowns from Outer Space? That was my sister’s favorite movie, and she would conveniently play it whenever she knew I would be around. After I saw that movie, I couldn’t eat cotton candy for a month. (Ok, I could, but still. ) :P

        I’m still on the fence about the Lensbaby, I just got a 50mm 1.2 that blurs the bokeh like warm melted gouda, so maybe I don’t need the Lensbaby after all, I’d rather save for the macro I want.
        Thanks for responding!

  3. Mary Royers says :

    The horses are clearly on a mission, and don’t even get me started on clowns. The temperature/cropping of your photos always make the shots for me. These truly look great. Good to know about not getting the lensbaby, by the way. There’s lots of hype it’s always nice to hear what real people think about the product. Great post!

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