Camera bags for women

So I’ve been looking around, trying to find a nice camera bag I could take with me when I want/need to carry something better looking than a backpack, and I found these:

Epiphanie Camera Bags for Women

I found others too, like Jo Totes, but think I the look of Epiphanie bags better and I’ve read some good reviews about them. Only problem is, many of them seem to be out of stock and will only ship mid-late September! I guess that’s a good indication that they are worth getting, though…

If anyone has, or has seen, or has tried any of these bags before, I’d appreciate the insight. Otherwise, I think I’ll just go for it!

Lola, perhaps?


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4 responses to “Camera bags for women”

  1. ashinbleu says :

    I have the ginger bag in brown. I do love it but it isn’t that functional when you want to tote around more than one lens and a big slr. I use my lowepro flipside instead. My ephiphanie is my everyday bag/purse that I occasionally throw my camera in…not sure if this helps! I say if you can afford one, get it!

  2. Julie says :

    Out of all the styles, I definitely like the Lola bag the best from Epiphanie. I recently bought a Kelly Moore bag in grey:

    I plan on writing a review on it, the reason I chose this was because I like a hobo style bag where it dips a bit in the middle, and the sides are higher to accommodate larger lenses.
    Plus, I had a coupon code for $20 off, which is always nice. :)

  3. amy says :

    I LOVE my brown Ginger… I have my Canon 7D body w/ attached 50mm lens, plus I carry the 70-300mm & 100mm macro in the bag along with my battery grip, battery charger, flash drives, p&s camera & personal items. I also have the black Paris, which I use for my laptop & accessories. I don’t care for the Belle as much (though I love the looks of it). It tends to not stay on my shoulder as well. I don’t have the Lola yet, but I’ve pre-ordered it & should be getting it soon. I had the Clover for a bit, but discovered my laptop wouldn’t fit into it & it was a bit more bulky for me (I’m 5’2″ & small). Hope this helps!

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