Montreal Zombie Walk 2011

I started this post in November and never had the chance to finish it due to being busy and having a slow computer.

Now that all is resolved, here goes:

Zombie walks have been happening in Montreal for the past few years, but this was the first time I was actually able to attend one – as a photographer, of course. There were several hundred zombies, and it was a good two hour walk. Lots of fun. Also a good test for my new Nifty Fifty lens (a purchase that was long overdue!)

Here are some of my favourite shots. Link to the whole album can be found at the bottom.

(This guy was by far the creepiest!)

Full album: Click.


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Graphic designer and natural-light photographer. Lover art, animals, heavy metal, bright colours and geometric shapes.

6 responses to “Montreal Zombie Walk 2011”

  1. stonewolfarts says :

    Great walk… great photos!!! \m/

  2. zombiesniper says :

    Great photos. Looks like a great time.

  3. ashinbleu says :

    WOW! Great photos and uhmmm very scary :/

  4. NotManhattan says :

    These photos are incredibly awesome.

  5. Marcela Williams Lara says :

    i’ts my son Daniel in the 3rd photo :)

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