This year, like last year, Christmas will be spent with my boyfriend’s family in a cozy cabin by a lovely, snowy lake. They rented the cabin last year, and loved it so much they booked it for this year too. On Christmas morning we went for a walk on the frozen lake and I took some photos along the way. I didn’t think much of them at first, but this week I decided to dig up the RAW files and rework them a little, so I’m much happier with them now since they fit the style I’ve developed throughout the past year. I’m hoping to get some more shots of the area during our stay this year, even if we don’t have all that much time since we are arriving the 24th and leaving the 26th to go see my family…

Photos available individually or as a set in my shop.


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About NancyShoots

Graphic designer and natural-light photographer. Lover art, animals, heavy metal, bright colours and geometric shapes.

7 responses to “Winterland.”

  1. Zoe says :

    I LOVE them! So beautiful and serene.. there’s something about winter that’s just so magical! And you’ve captured all that and more! Thoroughly enjoyed these. I think you should put them up for sale on Etsy!

    • NancyShoots says :

      Thanks, Zoe! They are already in my shop (see the link just under the photo) :D
      I’ll probably also put up a listing for the set of 4 though… or maybe sets of 2, I can’t decide.

  2. freezeframefoto says :

    Nice, I love the TTV look

  3. trinabaker says :

    I think the TTV look adds a bit of nostalgia that you talked about in your post. They invoke more feeling and the look doesn’t feel like a gimmick. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I really like your work and blog :)

  4. Karin A says :

    These are so pretty Nancy! Love the mood! :)

  5. Melanie says :

    These are beautiful! I love the vintage feel. Wonderful set!

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