Below the Big Apple

Well, hello! It seems I forgot I had a blog for… nearly two years. Ouch.

I’ve been busy lately with several projects in mind, which I’ll get to sharing in due time… For now, I thought I’d get my photoblogging back on track starting with a small post dedicated to New York City’s underground world. Because with all the stations, signs, tunnels and trains, photographing the subway system never gets old.

23 Street Station - NYC Subway Station at Madison Square Park
Enter at 23 Street Station, near Madison Square Park. After a stop at the Shake Shack (probably most likely definitely).

The Lone Businessman - NYC Subway Station
Next, photograph strangers behind their backs.

New York City Subway train in motion - Warp Tunnel
“Warp Tunnel” felt like an appropriate title for this one… This is actually the train I was supposed to get on, but I skipped it just to get the shot. I’m not sure how long I waited for the next one, but it was probably too long.

NYC Subway - 110 Street Station
Killing time at 110 Street Station, about to head back downtown after a long walk around the Northern end of Central Park. Not the only time I’ve ever photographed a station sign like this, but probably my favourite time.

Whitehall Station - NYC Subway - deserted
Whitehall Street station, deserted. Well, almost… This one’s like Where’s Waldo; if you look carefully enough, you’ll find someone. Let me know how that goes.

New York City Subway train in motion - Woosh!
I call this one, “Woosh!”


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