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Below the Big Apple

Well, hello! It seems I forgot I had a blog for… nearly two years. Ouch.

I’ve been busy lately with several projects in mind, which I’ll get to sharing in due time… For now, I thought I’d get my photoblogging back on track starting with a small post dedicated to New York City’s underground world. Because with all the stations, signs, tunnels and trains, photographing the subway system never gets old.

23 Street Station - NYC Subway Station at Madison Square Park
Enter at 23 Street Station, near Madison Square Park. After a stop at the Shake Shack (probably most likely definitely).

The Lone Businessman - NYC Subway Station
Next, photograph strangers behind their backs.

New York City Subway train in motion - Warp Tunnel
“Warp Tunnel” felt like an appropriate title for this one… This is actually the train I was supposed to get on, but I skipped it just to get the shot. I’m not sure how long I waited for the next one, but it was probably too long.

NYC Subway - 110 Street Station
Killing time at 110 Street Station, about to head back downtown after a long walk around the Northern end of Central Park. Not the only time I’ve ever photographed a station sign like this, but probably my favourite time.

Whitehall Station - NYC Subway - deserted
Whitehall Street station, deserted. Well, almost… This one’s like Where’s Waldo; if you look carefully enough, you’ll find someone. Let me know how that goes.

New York City Subway train in motion - Woosh!
I call this one, “Woosh!”


[This Bike Climbed] Mount Washington

Last summer, my boyfriend and I took a bike trip down to New Hampshire, where we drove up Mount Washington (and of course, we got one of those “This Bike Climbed Mount Washington” stickers, which is now proudly stuck to our fridge rather than on the bike). I hadn’t started my blog yet back then so I’m posting these photos now, in anticipation of our next bike trip at the end of the month.

Our first stop to look at the view, about halfway up the mountain.

Mountain layers.

Close to the top = entering the fog.

Tip Top House at the summit.

Back in the day, these were the “guest rooms” in the Tip Top House.

Not much of a view… The sky was mostly clear but a cloud was sitting right over the mountain.

Coming back down.

Clear view just below the fog.

Our bike enjoying the view before the drive back down.

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